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Remote and Hybrid working are here to stay

To adapt, organisations need a quantum shift in how they develop their teams.

What happens on the ground in teams, remote from central influence, is the fundamental driver of organisational success. Remote and now hybrid working means that it has never been more important to understand and empower your teams.

Featured Tools

Supply Chain

Supply Chain illustrates the complexities of working within organisations and the need to balance personal, functional and organisational goals  to be successful

Source or Sink

Source or Sink is an exploration of the dynamics of customer/supplier relationships and the efficiency of supply chains


Signlines challenges groups to use well-organised communication systems to sort and remember critical information. It allows teams to practice planning and implementing a strategy.

Business Mirrors are virtual team building activities

By simulating real-life organisational problems, our activities provide a controlled environment for your team to experience the impact of their behaviours and develop new ways of working.

For over thirty years, we have worked with thousands of organisations to help them build and enhance their teams

Build Teams. Enhance Skills. Promote Wellbeing.

Through reflection and discussion of their performance in each Business Mirror activity, your team will discover insights that they can bring back into their real-world roles.

Your team will learn to work better together and enhance their interpersonal skills. When teams work well together, employees are happier, have greater role clarity, and are more engaged.

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