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Supply Chain

A versitile and flexible tool to mirror the complexities of organisational structures, siloed working practices, and to explore the dynamics of customer-supplier relationships.

Rapid Behaviour prototyping

using Business Mirrors

A Business Mirrorâ„¢ is essentially a game that has been designed to reflect real workplace issues.

They provide the facility to rehearse the change process in a safe environment prior to costly roll out.

This provides you with the opportunity to manage some of the risk inherent in the change process.

future factory provides a selection of Business Mirrors, all of which allow your staff to collectively work together to solve a range of workplace issues.

future factory

According to the 15th Annual Management Tools Survey by Bain and Co, senior leaders are confident and upbeat – 74% said their current financial performance is strong and 15% believe economic conditions are improving in their industry.

Despite the uncertainties and challenges ahead, 75% of respondents feel better positioned for the future BUT emphasise the need to develop organistion climate and behaviours to respond and adapt to change as a significant source of competitive advantage.

We created the Experiential Learning Training Tools you’ll find here to help hold a mirror up to critical business processes. future factory Business Mirrors uniquely build the critical behaviours required to develop engagement within and between departments.

Business Mirrors create dynamic learning environments for organisations embarking on transition and change to rehearse the process in a safe environment before costly roll-out. They provide impactful opportunities to manage some of the risks inherent in the change process.

Business Mirrors provide the opportunity to model the future world for your organistion economically and creatively equipping you to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and innovative behaviour.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Google use Supply Chain to achieve insights into how to effectively merge ‘verticals’ to create ‘supervertivals’

Standard Life used Supply Chain with every employee in order to identify and rehearse the behaviours and protocols required to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS)

Asda change ambassadors use Signlines to mirror the behaviours and practices to be change ready

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) accredited their global trainers in the use of future factory Business Process Mirrors

RBS use Intervention to create effective engagement between Relationship Managers, Account Managers and Credit

Scottish Widow’s Director of Sales described Quality Jam by future factory as one of the most effective learning tools he has experienced in developing urgency towards target achievement

Taking Stock by future factory has become a core Business Mirror used in ‘Managing People for Growth’. A recent participant commented, “this game clearly evidenced how a business should operate in pursuit of business objectives. It clearly demonstrated the behaviours, practices and protocols required to achieve in an information rich, competitive and heavily regulated environment”

TeamTarget is used by IMD in Switzerland as an experiential element in their Hostage curriculum. TeamTarget’s versatility and learning dynamics clearly highlight the implications decisions and behaviours in the pursuit of Goal Achievement

Our clients often say it was amazing to experience how much learning can emerge in half an hour, where conventional methods take considerably longer. What makes them particularly effective is the ownership for behavioural outcome they afford participants.

They trust us


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“As an organisation we improve our service offering to our clients with the help of future factory. This in invaluable to us.”


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