Business Mirrors

Why Future Factory: Business Mirrors

  • Empower teams through virtual learning activities
  • Develop Leadership through experience and reflection
  • Discover new ways of working
  • Build a strong culture that promotes wellbeing
  • Bind your teams around your purpose

Supply Chain

Supply Chain illustrates the complexities of working within organisations and the need to balance personal, functional and organisational goals  to be successful

Source or Sink

Source or Sink is an exploration of the dynamics of customer/supplier relationships and the efficiency of supply chains


Signlines challenges groups to use well-organised communication systems to sort and remember critical information. It allows teams to practice planning and implementing a strategy.


Intervention shows how small errors in business processes can escalate into major performance problems. It illustrates the need for expedient and coordinated change activity to address these errors.

Team Target

Team Target is a Business Mirror with addresses competitive, team based, negotiation and communication skills.

Taking Stock

Taking Stock is a Business Mirror of project management, where the objective is to keep projects in profit by effective utilisation of limited resources.


Shelving is a group problem-solving Business Mirror, that requires an initial strategy to be developed by participants and strong teamwork to complete.

Road Mapping

Road Mapping is a Business Mirror which can help participants work through discussions relating to their individual, team or organisational experience.

Quality Jam

Quality Jam is a Business Process mirror, offering of three interrelated exercises that focus on wider organisational issues.

Images of Organisation

Images of Organisation can be used to develop, interpersonal skills such is networking and engaging with others in unfamiliar surroundings.


Cubism is a set of two games, ‘The Cube Puzzle’ and ‘Replica’ that focus upon and develops accurate communication skills, support and trust networks.

Creative Connections

Creative Connections is a Business Mirror designed to address and develop the behaviours necessary to make associations between disparate items and concepts.

Future Factory activities simulate real world challenges to create a controlled environment for teams to develop, experiment and learn.

How can I use Future Factory: Business Mirrors to drive change?

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