It was worth a formidable eight hour drive the Manchester to Aberdeen to be given the title of Guest of Honour at the table of Joseph Robertson Ltd.

Joseph Robertson Ltd were finalists in the Grampian Food Forum Awards 2016, Innovative Investors in Training and People category due to their commissioning of Edinburgh Consultants Group’s Emerging Manager Programme. This accomplishment sees 2016 proceeding well for Edinburgh Consultants Group.

In 2014, the company won a prestigious ‘cHeRries Award’. This was hosted in the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and saw our “Managing People for Growth Programme” once again being placed in the ‘Innovative Learning and Development Category’

To be honoured so wonderfully by Joseph Robertson Ltd tells me that Edinburgh Consultants Group is really living up to its strap line “Changing The Face of Learning”.

The programme is “game changing” from a Management Development perspective but also in the Organisational Development space.

Our unique Business Process Mirrors™ were also highlighted by participants as part of this game changing mix. The fact that we had participants from five countries on the cohort, required an innovative mix of tools and techniques to ensure we gleaned every ounce of value from the process. “Business Process Mirrors” facilitated the cultural integration of learning whilst also being inclusive – ensuring everyone’s voice was heard regardless of their competency of English.

Finally, our on-line 360 Degree Engagement Style Indicator – which we call blue4 – was significant as a business mirror too. It enabled each participant to understand how they were perceived by their colleagues, acting as a benchmark of entry behaviour, which is re assessed, one hundred days post programme completion.

Essentially this means Edinburgh Consultants Group can clearly measure the change our programmes are designed to deliver at three levels;

  1. The perceived behaviours of the Participant
  2. The organisation climate this in turn facilitates
  3. The inevitable increase in Productivity

Please see our case studies in the resources section of our web site.

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