Three Zone Technology 3ZT

Cultural transformation with measurable business benefits

A ‘Culture of Commitment’ has at its heart the development of an organisation – a wide network of knowledge and responsibilities enabling business and organisational development to be directed at senior level but managed appropriately by every employee..

3ZT is an interactive and challenging process to create a new culture for working together and deliver a new agenda of business improvement projects. It involves large groups of employees from every level in the organisation.

Each 3ZT delivers bottom-line, measurable outcomes that are agreed in advance, plus there are very real operational benefits to be gained in terms of:

re-defining workplace relationships
improving employee motivation
monitoring employee understanding of issues facing the company
encouraging debate around responses to these issues
The most tangible benefit is normally the ordered database of improvement ideas, each one of which has willing sponsors within the company, an estimate of its potential in achieving company targets, and a senior sponsor who has recognised this potential.

The 3 Zone Technology Process Summary

The 3 Zone Technology process has four distinct phases.

Phase 1 Agreeing organisational targets and improvement areas. A senior team programme.

Phase 2 Agreeing appropriate values and consequent behaviours. A senior team programme.

Phase 3 The 3ZT Event. A whole organisation programme.

Phase 4 Implementing the business performance improvement projects.