Supply Chain

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Supply Chain is a Business Mirror addressing organisational complexities, and the need to balance personal and organisational goals in order to achieve success.


Number of Participants: 9 – 12

Running Time: 40 mins (Flexible)

Key Benefits

  • 2 Experiential Learning Tools in 1 package
  • This tool cements understanding of the vital relationship between customer and supplier
  • Participants explore the importance of high-quality resource allocation

Main Concept

Supply Chain reveals and explores the complexities of working within organisations, and the need to balance personal, functional and organisational goals and targets to achieve success.

Supply Chain introduces participants to potentials conflict between individual and team goals and depicts the significance of networking and its critical role in team performance. Supply Chain raises significant questions about the network of relationships within the team and the team’s contact with other key groups both inside and outside of the organisation. When using this Business Mirror, the effects of an individual’s actions can have a considerable impact on others in the team. Therefore good project co-ordination is required to ensure a successful outcome.

The review of the tool emphasises the need to understand what others need in order to be effective and to be open about available resources and individual and group support needs. This model of networking is used as an opportunity to explore how staff, both individually and as a team, build and develop their working relationships in order to create a supportive working environment which promotes effective behaviour.

Supply Chain

• Illustrates the impact of ‘unseen’ decision making upon a large structure
• Develops skills in diagnosing and resolving problems in and making efficient use of customer/supplier relationships
• Enables users to quickly and actively define working relationships in a safe environment
• Offers the opportunity to adapt thinking styles and procedure in order to maintain effective networks

Supply Chain comprises two Experiential Learning Tools: Networking and Source or Sink. The situations developed during these exercises have obvious workplace parallels, making transference of the learning back to the workplace achievable with a high degree of impact.


During the Networking exercise, in which information and resources are moved around the network according to a restrictive set of rules, individual objectives and a team objective must be met. The effects of individual actions can have a considerable impact on others in the team and good co-ordination and communication is required to ensure a successful outcome.

Networking work most effectively when it mirrors the real organisational network in which the participants work. The team can explore patterns of communication and contact, suggesting changes to their own ‘networking’ and identifying the best ways of using the communication links that they already have in place and developing new ones. The active and participative nature of these experiments, with people occupying their real or representative places in the networks, makes the transfer of learning back to the workplace particularly easy. This very effective type of learning is much more dynamic process than paper based analysis could produce.

Source or Sink

Source or Sink is an exploration of the dynamics of customer/supplier relationships and the efficiency of supply chains. It contributes to user skill in the organisation and use of customer/supplier networks, and also in team working and problem solving skill development. Source or sink can lead to organisational efficiency savings by comparing the relative efficiency of different network forms and compositions.

Source or Sink develops skills in consultative management, and focuses on communication system development within an organisational context. It can also be applied to new business structures where the development of efficient and effective networks are demanded.

Advantages of Supply Chain:

• Provides 2 Experiential Learning Tools in 1 portable package
• Arrives ready to use and requires no additional equipment or facilities
• Comes complete with user friendly instructions and review suggestions
• Offers powerful transferable learning
• Provides a quick and easy solution to underlining the importance of team and network based skills
• Attractive, absorbing and challenging
• Versatile enough to meet a wide range of learning objectives
• Easy to use and fun for all participants

Additional information

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  1. Craig McMurrough

    Supply Chain allows the user to lock down past behaviours quickly in real time, the experience fosters deep personal learning from the role you choose to play or not in the experience, rapid personal learning in action. Awesome.

    Craig McMurrough
    Change Director

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