What every Business Leader/Manager must do to confidently deal with what follows lockdown.

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5 Things outstanding leaders do differently to deliver a 40% increase in productivity.

(So you DON'T have to waste time searching for mythical solutions)

We caught up with many of our customers during lockdown, to find out what they were thinking and feeling. There was most definitely a recurring theme around change. Not the change that has been forced on us all as a result of Covid-19, but the opportunity for a fundamental shift towards a more sustainable and satisfying way of doing business.

Prior to lockdown, we would often hear leaders say, things like, “nothing happens unless I’m there and driving”. “My people just seem to wait until I instruct”. Equally, we would hear employees say of their line managers, “they just don’t get it”, “they never listen”, “if we did this or that, things would be so different around here”. 

What are your people saying about you and your Leadership colleagues based on how you have led through Covid-19? All Outstanding Leaders we’ve worked with over the past 26 years share one key characteristic…. They are self aware and comfortable in their own skin. 

Listening to the news, we hear the business Goliaths talking about redundancies, while employees are thinking and talking about their return from furlough!! Leaders and employees could not be further apart than they are now.

Take this “once in our lifetime” opportunity NOW to set out your Leadership blueprint, by taking the Blue4 challenge, to see yourself as others see you, comparing your scores to the top 25% of over 60,000 Leaders Globally.

Feedback from in excess of 1million employees, has proven that Change must start with you as a Leader.

There has never been a more important time to take our Blue4 Leadership Challenge. Let our proven business model of Outstanding Leadership and its impact on business outcomes, highlight your 100 Day blueprint. Unlock the hidden reserves of productivity buried within your Organisation, your Teams and your individuals.

Don’t just take our word for it: Here’s how many of your peers have used Blue4 to drive their Business Performance.


What really drives the performance of your organisation?

Steve’s work has made a positive and measurable difference to three organisations I have run, the many individuals and teams I have worked with – and to me. His integrated framework is laced with both extensive analysis and masses of common sense. It also goes way beyond theory and provides real access to action.”

John Hirst

Chief Executive, Met Office

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

We’ve consulted with and trained using Blue4 Leadership digital development tools in thousands of internationally recognised organisations, spanning 26 years.

Our Model of outstanding leadership and its impact on sustainable business performance sets us apart. This is NOT another profiling tool.

Our integrated approach comes with a 100 day blueprint for change. It will unlock hidden productivity reserves, buried deep within your organisation. It will provide clarity where there is none and most of all, will tap into what we call “employee want to”, so often missing from today’s business climate.


Everyone mucked in; it was fun yet we all knew there was a serious outcome. Derek is an experienced facilitator who gets results.
Alastair Macphie
Chairman, Macphie ltd


It is a very practical program such that results are very visible and immediate.
Gavin Hamilton
Managing Director, Taylor Wimpey


The program will engage and motivate your team. We have seen improvements within our business driven by the tier of management the program was targeted at.
Mike Stuart

The new normal is here and represents a significant challenge to us all. DOING NOTHING ISN’T AN OPTION.


According to Blue4 research, 79% of employees quit due to lack of appreciation, trust and autonomy laced with a perceived lack of respect”

Why? Because leaders fail to display the behaviours that motivate and engage their team.


So here’s what the Blue4 Challenge will provide:

The management team were concerned that they were constantly doing the work of their teams beneath them and tasks would not be completed satisfactorily if they didn’t get involved. The accuracy of the Blue 4 behaviour and climate model and ESI and the ability to use these results to quickly identify the issues and develop planned solutions was highly significant.
Mike Naysmith
Managing Director, CALA Homes North Ltd
If this doesn’t work before lockdown ends, it most definitely will as we enter the new normal.

What will you get in your Blue4 bundle:

Blue4 Engagement Style Indicator (ESI), providing you with a 360 degree perspective on how you and your colleagues rate the quality of your Leadership Engagement in a unique Blue4 report.

This report will assess your leadership behaviour. It will highlight the difference between what you do, compared to outstanding leaders.

It will highlight how you, Set Direction, Take Decisions, Communicate and Manage Performance compared to Outstanding Leaders.

You’ also receive our Global Predisposition Indicator (GPI) report, which is a measurement of your workplace behaviour, preference….the real you.

Our Leadership Challenge Coaching Blueprint, leading you to achievement of  a specific targeted Business Improvement.

Tools and resources to help you achieve increased Predictability, Repeatability and sustainability in pursuit of your Business Goals.

You get all of this for only £347...

Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

So don't take our word for it, here's what several of our current clients have experienced as a result of Blue 4.

The Blue 4 process highlighted the individuals who were not going to part of that team and the rising stars that could do a lot more for the business. Absolutely a must for any growing business, as quite often we can't see the real problems in the way Blue4 does.
Doug Whyte
CEO, Hydro Group plc
Blue 4 provided the targeted audience with an awareness of how to improve efficiency, The Blue4 approach improved senior management decision making and time sensitive work streams.
Patrick Arkle
Managing Director, Miller Homes North East

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Derek Peacock

CEO, Future Factory

Derek founded future factory in 1995 to change the face of organisational learning. He created a distinctive and unique suite of digital experiential learning Tools he calls “Business Process Mirrors”.

Together with Dr Steve Glowinkowski, he has merged gamification and impactful Blue 4 Performance psychometrics, to create dynamic and measurable learning environments that deliver lasting business improvement.

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A globally recognised model of outstanding leadership engagement and it’s impact on business performance.



I have seen a tangible difference in my Directors/Senior Managers attitude. On the back of the Blue 4 Approach, my Directors have restructured their tasks and set out what they expect their individual managers to take ownership of.
Patrick Arkle
Managing Director, Miller Homes North East

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