Taking Stock


Taking Stock is a Business Mirror of project management, where the objective is to keep projects in profit by effective utilisation of limited resources.


Number of Participants: 6 – 10

Running Time: 90 mins plus review

Key points:

  • Encourages teamwork and high-quality project management
  • Applicable to a variety of situations
  • Portable and easy to use

Main Concept:

Taking Stock is a tabletop board game involving simulation of project management, with two main themes. Firstly, as individuals, participants must comprehend that utilising resources to their full potential and maximising returns is essential to project management. Secondly, whilst not contradicting the first theme, awareness of the ‘bigger picture’ is developed, particularly understanding in interdependence and the contribution they could make to the organisation as a whole. Taking Stock, through the aid of metaphorical learning and ‘learning by experience’, develops dialogue between individual managers and a wider organisation, underlining the reciprocal nature of a working environment.

Taking Stock also explores the need for strategic thinking and commercial judgement by promoting interaction between an organisation’s constituent parts. Additionally, Taking Stock:

• Enables participants to improve negotiation skills, key to project management
• Is applicable to differing management styles
• Leads to a development of skills in versatile environments

Individual Project Managers have responsibility for the success of their own project but must also be aware of the contribution it makes to the larger organisation. In particular, negotiations between departments and the ability to assess aspects of a business that are no longer viable are key parts of the game.

Suitable Applications:

• Project management
• Working as a team
• Interpersonal skills
• Persuasiveness
• Personal style/impact
• Strategic thinking
• Commercial judgement
• Big picture versus project objectives

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