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Colourblind 2

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Colourblind 2 provides a greater level of challenge than the original Colourblind for new groups, and those familiar with the Colourblind Business Mirror.


Number of Participants: 4 – 7

Running Time: 20-40 minutes depending on group

Key Benefits

  • Requires more detailed descriptions
  • Needs more accurate discrimination between shapes and a greater capacity to hold and retrieve information
  • Use of all Colourblind exercises allows facilitator to test application of learning

Colourblind 2 is a problem-solving Business Mirror designed to illustrate how individuals make sense of situations by drawing on their previous experience and knowledge, and how they attempt to convey to others their understanding of these situations. Colourblind 2 seeks to establish and emphasise common meanings, by drawing upon spoken language as its primary learning tool.

This Business Mirror, the second ‘Colourblind’, provides a greater level of challenge than the original and therefore is specifically designed for more able groups or those who wish to test the application of skills acquired in Colourblind. Colourblind 2 requires more detailed descriptions, more accurate dissemination and a greater capacity to hold and retrieve important information. In short, it is a more demanding exercise which enables teams to devise a communication strategy that complements and advances the skills developed in Colourblind.

More specifically Colourblind 2
• Develops application of principles and skills acquired in Colourblind (communication, team work, interdependency etc)
• Can be used to identify language and communication difficulties within an organisation
• Explores the process of applying learning from one experience to another
• Can developed a common mode of communication within diverse groups, and often multi-cultural and multi-lingual teams
• Identifies the need for organisational change and understanding
• Further develops the notion of interdependency
• Highlights the need for both effective team and individual skills
• Sets guidelines for giving and receiving effective feedback

Other skills Colourblind 2 develops include: team management, verbal communication and coaching/instruction skills


  • Portable and simple to set up and administer
  • Ready to use and needing no additional equipment or facilities
  • Supplied with clear instructions
  • Repeatable, even with the same team members
  • A fast route to further powerful and transferable learning
  • Attractive, absorbing and challenging
  • Available as a set with Colourblind
  • Complements and strengthens skills developed in Colourblind

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